Insert Coin is a micro studio specialized in games,
playful installations and visually appealing interactive experiences.
Organized as a collective of passionate people who enjoy working together,
Insert Coin is flexible and adapts to the needs of each project individually.

Working together at Hohlstrasse 400 during irregular office hours, Tabea, Stefan and Simon are happy to welcome you.

Simon Broggi
Game Designer and Developer
simon.broggi at

Stefan Schmidlin
Game & Experience Designer
stefan.schmidlin at

Tabea Iseli
Game & Experience Designer
tabea at

Raphaël Jecker
Electrical Engineer & DSP Artist
kontakt at

Catch the other members of the collective if you can! Probably best to shoot them a mail to find their current location.

Kai Jauslin
Interaction design and development
kj at

Ursina Wirz
Spatial design and communications
hello at

Mark van Raai
Composing and sound-engineering
markvanraai at

Raffaele de Lauretis
Illustration and 3d graphics
raffaele at

Located at Hohlstrasse 400 in Zurich Altstetten, it is part of Werkstadt Zürich